Noise Levels Are Too High in South Orange County

WS1361 Digital Noise Level Decibel Meter


This complicated device is able to measure decibel levels of overhead flights. The FAA was not truthful with their Environmental Assessment -- these flights are definitely louder than reported in the FAA's EA!

Many Noise Levels recorded over 60 dB


The Laguna Niguel Municipal Code calls for a limit of 55 decibels (dB) during daylight hours.

The FAA has ignored the local noise standards.  The FAA takes the loud jet noise "events" that occur during the day and they average the noise events with the fewer jets at night and then they take the average noise to "prove" that there is no noise impact!

Citizens for No Plane Noise does not accept the FAA's method for measuring noise!

We did a noise study in February 2017 and we measured over 70-noise events exceeding 70-decibels.

CLICK HERE to see a full day's worth of noise measurements taken in February 2017 in South Orange County (too many loud jets and smaller aircraft!)

Excellent, Accurate, and Reliable Noise Data


Jets/planes to and from LAX, John Wayne, Long Beach, hammering our neighborhood with loud 60 dB for long periods of time without break.

Tell your elected officials that the FAA was not diligent in its reports or lied! It is not "quieter" in Laguna Niguel.  78 planes at over 60 dB, including 15 that were over 70 dB.

CLICK HERE to listen to, and see, the noisy jets flying low (less than 12,000-feet) over South Orange County and you be the judge.

CLICK HERE to listen to VIDEO-1

CLICK HERE to listen to VIDEO-2

CLICK HERE to listen to VIDEO-3

CLICK HERE to listen to VIDEO-4

Noise Data Documentation

Click on a file to download. These are noise readings taken from Laguna Sur neighborhood in Laguna Niguel on various days.