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LATEST NEWS! The court of appeals recently granted the parties' joint motion to extend the deadline for opening briefs to April 16, 2018,


Regarding the ongoing lawsuit against the FAA by the County of Orange, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach....

The court of appeals recently granted the parties' joint motion to extend the deadline for opening briefs to April 16, 2018, which effectively extends the period available for settlement discussions under the supervision of the court's appointed mediators. Those discussions are ongoing consistent with the direction previously provided by the City Council.

These settlement discussions are being dragged out by the FAA...they think we will go away!   These secret settlement discussions prohibit public input and the Board of Supervisors and City Councils are forbid from talking to us about their discussions!  

TAKE ACTION!  Contact the County Supervisors and your local City Council and tell them to fight for us! 



Kudos to Representative Rohrabacher on Airplane Noise OC


  •  Letter from South Orange County Resident  
  • By Jeanne Porro (Patch Poster) 
  • Updated August 31, 2017 5:10 pm ET    

I would like to thank Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for his help with the FAA, the airplane noise over south Orange County and putting the SoCal Metroplex on the radar screen so to speak of Congress. Rep. Rohrabacher wrote to the FAA requesting that the planes fly farther out in the ocean and cross land at higher altitudes to minimize the noise and pollution. He received what amounts to a pat on the head, stock answer from the Regional Director of the FAA – pabulum – saying that any adjustment to the flight path (THAT THEY JUST INSTITUTED IN MARCH) would have to be studied and reviewed. Funny that they didn’t do that when switching from the old flight paths – which is precisely what the Newport Beach/Laguna Beach/Orange County lawsuits are all about. Rep. Rohrabacher then went one step further since he received no real response from the FAA. He added 2 amendments to HB2997 or the 21st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization Bill. They basically say that planes shall fly no lower than necessary for safety over the SoCal Metroplex and that safety should be considered first and Community concerns be second in analyzing changes to the flight path. This is extremely important because this was NOT done before they created the new flight paths in March. I would think that Newport Beach/Laguna Beach and the Board of Supervisors would be very happy to use this information in the mediation proceedings for their lawsuit. Thank you Rep. Rohrabacher.   

Michele Monda
Citizens for No Plane Noise
Laguna Beach 

CLICK HERE for a pdf file of this article. 

BREAKING NEWS: Ruling overturns FAA rerouting of Phoenix departure paths


Posted: Aug 29, 2017 2:42 PM PDT Updated: Aug 30, 2017 10:04 AM PDT By Anita Snow, Associated Press

Phoenix v. Huerta, No. 15-1158  

It's about to get a lot quieter in some Valley neighborhoods. A U.S. Court of Appeals judge ruled on Tuesday current flight patterns out of Sky Harbor International Airport are illegal, and need to change. In the case "  Phoenix v. Huerta, No. 15-1158 (D.C. Cir. 2017)” a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit agreed that the FAA's decision in 2014 to change the routes in and out of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix was "arbitrary and capricious." Steve Dreiseszun remembers Sept. 18, 2014, as the day his quiet historic neighborhood in central Phoenix was no longer so quiet. It's the day the FAA changed its flight paths out of Sky Harbor, seemingly overnight. It had started using a new satellite technology making takeoffs faster and safer, but it also put planes directly overhead neighborhoods. "Made it almost impossible to be outdoors and enjoy barbecues, family time, recreation," said Dreiseszun. In the past, planes taking off would follow the Salt River bed, and neighborhoods were built with jet sound mitigation in mind. After the change, noise complaints poured into the city. Dreiseszun and many of his neighbors joined together, along with the City of Phoenix, and sued the FAA. Now a federal judge has decided the FAA must fix it.      ���

CLICK HERE to read the entire story.

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CLICK HERE to see the Court Ruling.





  • CLICK HERE to learn about the SPECIAL, REGIONAL SOUTH OC  "TOWN HALL" meeting which was held at the Laguna Niguel City Hall on May 15th.  
  • The meeting was sponsored by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and John Wayne Airport-- NO PLANE NOISE was the point of discussion on the agenda, with OC Board of Supervisors  making an important presentation to discuss the lawsuit against the FAA. An FAA representative had been invited to attend and confirmed, but then "BACKED OUT" at the last moment.
  • HUNDREDS of  OC residents, along with public officials, FILLED THE HOUSE to show them how unhappy  citizens are with the reduction in quality of life and property values!  

City of San Juan Capistrano Sends Complaint Letter to the FAA



In May 2017 Mayor Kerry Ferguson led the effort of the City Council of the City of San Juan Capistrano to file a COMPLAINT LETTER against the FAA regarding the changing flight paths of the NextGEN project. 

On other news, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher  and state Senator Pat Bates also filed similar complaints against the FAA.  The FAA response was a bland  boilerplate letter.  

We need to your help to maintain the pressure and to help fight the FAA.  Keep writing letters to our political officials and let them know that we want those planes flying higher and out over the water!