H.R. 2997

H.R. 2997 Came Before Congress in June 2017

 It is a BILL To transfer operation of air traffic services currently provided by the Federal Aviation Administration to a separate not-for-profit corporate entity, to reauthorize programs of the Federal Aviation Administration, and for other purposes.  

H.R. 2997 Provides Money to Study Certain Metroplex Areas

Northern California is listed in H.R. 2997.  Citizens for No Plane Noise would like to have the Southern California Metroplex added to this bill so that noise impacts can be studied and mitigated.  Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has introduced an amendment to H.R. 2997 that would include Southern California coastal communities.  CLICK HERE to see the proposed Amendment to H.R. 2997. 


H.R. 2997 will consider, in particular, the incremental health impacts on residents living partly or wholly underneath flight paths most frequently used by aircraft flying at an altitude lower than 10,000 feet, including during takeoff or landing.