Track Planes in Real Time

Track Planes in Real Time

Click this link  to see plane flight paths, altitudes, origins and destinations.
LAX, San Diego, and Long Beach, as well as John Wayne, are sending planes above our homes.
Most jets are below 12,000 feet and, at this altitude while accelerating, are very noisy.
Many small planes are below 6,000 feet, buzzing overhead constantly. 

Keep a Running Log of Noisy Planes

The OC Board of Supervisors recommends using Volans software for tracking jets and for making screenshots.  CLICK HERE to learn about Volans and to download this amazing software.

Or, when a noisy plane roars overhead, check the website and zoom in to see the flight information.

Take a screen shot that includes the flight path overhead, the altitude, and time. This tells the TRUE story of flights in our area.

There are several other flight apps for your desk top computer such as and and there are many apps your cell phone that can track the planes and also can measure SOUND.  CLICK HERE to learn about these cell phone apps.


Jets are ACCELERATING Over Our Homes, greatly increasing the noise.


Check out this great video:   FAA's new flight paths spark noise complaints.