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New FAA flight paths are causing noise pollution, particulate pollution, loss of peace & quiet, and reduced property values. 


Now's the time to make your voice heard, in a location where airplane noise won't drown you out! Many of our elected officials are new this year, and we need your help reminding them of the airplane noise issue.

Please come and speak at San Juan Capistrano City Council Meeting about the impact commercial airline noise is having on you and your life.

The meeting is on Tues, Feb 19th. Arrive by 4:50 and fill out a Speaking Request Sheet. Each speaker is allowed a maximum of three minutes, so make your speech impactful! 

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Plain Tired of Plane Noise?

We have come together to act.


Our Mission is to Form a Coalition of Cities to Fight the FAA. Changes to regulations have routed flights in and out of John Wayne Airport, LAX, and other airports. The result has been increased flight traffic over highly populated areas in Southern Orange County, California.

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What does Rep. Rohrabacher think?

On April 23, 2018, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher held a press conference to discuss the airplane noise problems at John Wayne Airport and his solutions. 

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